Friday, November 5, 2010


I have opened a new store for all the CU4CU designers and I am looking for you to join in helping me build the #1 Cu4cu store for designers.
 If this is you, please email me @
Store is open now and I would love to have you join me!!
Come on what are you waiting for!!
If you design CU4CU products Please email immediatly so we can get you set up.
Please provide me with 1-3 stores you sell in and a sample of your work.

Terms for store:
Only cu4cu items will be sold. No pu, cu or s4h
No Colloberations unless we as a team decide to.
No Blogtrains unless we decide to.
75/25 split to help in store maintenance. YOu get 75% of course. lolol.
Don't wait join now!

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