Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hi, This is all new to me so I hope I can do this for you all.
I would like to welcome you here. New to my site is a call for all digital scrapbook designers. I have started my new website and would like to fill it with your work.
Please go to
There you will find the information to get started.
Alot is new on my site like websets for commercial and personal sites. $39.99 and each set is exclusive so only 1 is made. And you can have it. I will have scrapbooking websites sets made next week. Please check back at This is my main site and i have lots instore for you all. Like clipart/elements and commecial use scrapbooking kits. Keep checking back because i have been busy and have alot of \items to get up. I have a memebersonly club for personal use only also. Well that is all for now. Happy thanksgiving everyone.

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